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Curriculum Director, Language Arts

Plan & develop academic & nonacademic programs, curriculum & activities that introduce children to oral language, pre-reading work, writing & reading comprehension and enrich child’s language development & learning; coordinate parent-teacher meetings to discuss educational activities, policies & volunteering plans; evaluate the effectiveness of the instructional program through periodic visitations & reports and ensure program improvement & quality; maintain a positive & professional attitude towards parents, staff, students & community; plan & purchase supplies, materials & equipment as required; monitor expenditures about instructional program maintenance, development & program improvement; perform other related duties as assigned. Job site: Saratoga, CA. Req. Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in English Language, English Education or English related, Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education or Education related plus 2 years related experience.

Salary: $54,226-$59k/yr.

Send resume to  Growing Tree Learning Center, Inc.

Address: 12000 Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road Saratoga, CA 95070.