We are excited about the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine that will gradually be made available to the public. This gives hope and relief for all of us. In the future, we believe that the availability of the vaccines will be widespread and the COVID-19 pandemic will be under control. Economic recovery is just around the corner. The turbulent 2020 is coming to an end. We look forward with hope and optimism to 2021. We hope that the spread of the epidemic will soon be reduced, life will return to normal, and economic and commercial activities will resume. We also hope all our families continue to stay safe, healthy, and have job security.


We look forward to the time when all of our children are happily able to return to normal onsite teaching activities. Person to person interactions is important for children and it will help positive development of cognition, emotions, and interpersonal relationships.

We are eagerly anticipating the time when all of our campuses are filled with the joyous laughter of children and the enjoyment of personal interaction between children, teachers, staff, and parents. Social bonding is an important aspect of healthy personal growth and our school offers the best place for positive social experience.


Growing Tree/Little Tree has been working hard for our community for sixteen years. During this turbulent and challenging year, we regard the crisis as an opportunity to stay strongly committed and continue to work hard to implement our education philosophy and to expand and grow our schools. We are optimistic and confident that even in the most difficult moments, we are ready to work on a brighter future.


We sincerely thank our parents for your trust and support. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions so that we can continue to improve and provide an outstanding educational program. Your support, affirmation and assistance are the driving force for our continued progress. We are very happy to see children growing up healthy and happily in Growing Tree/Little Tree. All the staff in our schools will continue to focus on teaching, taking care of our children, and to provide them with a safe, loving, warm, comfortable, pleasant and healthy learning environment. Let us work together for a great future for our children.



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